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The Atelier Shop

The Atelier Formula is a Book written by Graham Westley himself.

This book is available to purchase below.

We have our online Webinar available for only £3.00 - please purchase below or click here to send us your details so we can send you more information. 

If purchasing the Webinar via the link below, on receipt of payment confirmation, we will send you a webinar link via email to access the next Webinar.

You can purchase a session at our Interactive Workshop below or

to find out more about our Seminar Series please click here.

If you are looking to learn how to Be the Best you can Be in a practical sense with training from Graham Westley himself or one of his consultants and you wish to know more about our Team Building, Group Courses, Individual Consulting, Project and Business Consultancy please click here to send us your details and someone will contact you soon to discuss further.

Through one of these routes, you will be mentored on how to be successful, how to bring the best out of yourself and how to adapt this approach in your everyday life; whether it be in business, sport, personal life or other hobbies.

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