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“I could write 1000 pages or more to capture my life so far. But this is not intended to be about me. 48 years is well over 17,500 days of life; that is a lot to discuss. Instead of doing that, I have picked out a few stories that are the tips of their respective icebergs. They are moments that reflect many other experiences which have created important learnings that I have come to treasure and which I hope might help others”.

Graham Westley has achieved many objectives that would count as successes and is an unusual and interesting mix:

  • He passed 10 O Level’s, 3 A/O Level’s and 2 A Level’s.

  • He attained a Masters’ Degree.

  • He is an expert advisor to the Institute of Directors (IoD).

  • He is a Chartered Director and a Fellow of the IOD.

  • He played in the Football League as a professional footballer.

  • He represented England at U17 & U18.

  • He has created, built and sold a multi-million-pound business in the blue chip arena working with brands including BP, British Gas, Shell, American Airlines, BT, Mars, BUPA, News Corporation, Whitbread, GE and London Underground.

  • He is a UEFA B, UEFA A and UEFA Pro Licensed Coach with a Certificate in League Management.

  • He has managed over 900 football games including spells at Rushden & Diamonds, Stevenage, Peterborough United and Preston North End.

  • He has won 3 promotions, reached 4 major finals, achieved 6 play-off qualifications, secured an FA Trophy at Wembley, won various smaller cups and killed countless giants in Major Cup Competitions.

  • He was awarded the title of being a BBC Regional Coach of the Year and his teams were awarded BBC Team of the Year and Football League Performance of the Year.

  • He has recently been referenced as 'the king of the FA Cup run' being top of the League Two Manager leader board winning the most FA Cup Prize Money.

Graham Westley has created, grown and sold a highly profitable multi-million-pound business.  In doing so, he has worked with many of the biggest names in commerce.

He has also managed England’s first double winning Football Club. He has pulled on an International shirt and represented his country. He has lifted a Cup at Wembley, won a promotion at Old Trafford, raised millions of pounds in player sales and humbled numerous giants. He knows a thing or two about building success.

Since moving back into the business arena, he has built another multi-million pound business working with prestige brands including Bentley, Aston Martin, BAFTA, The Royal Automobile Clubs and the London Evening Standard.

The Atelier Formula sets out the formula for being the best you can be that he has learned on his life travels to date. He spells out the discoveries that he has made and sets down the pillars that have led him to his success.

"There is good; there is very good; there is winning; and then there is the very best that you can be. Very few people take the time to consider how they could significantly enhance their performance and move their current ‘best’ to a new level. It is my mission to continue to evolve and grow towards my longer term goals; right now it is the right time for me to use my past to open people’s eyes to their true potential and show them how I believe they can achieve dreams that they possibly thought were beyond them. In doing so, I expect to develop a completely new appreciation of myself through the challenge and help of those that I hope to inspire. I see this phase of my life as a huge win-win opportunity; I help others and they help me. My main message is that the Best people that I have ever met are a little bit better than the majority of people that I have met. Often they are called ‘lucky’. Never have I found ‘lucky’ to be fortunate"


"The difference between the Best and the Rest is small and it is huge. Because the little bit of advantage that the Best have is cumulative. You find it in everything they do. Different of the Best have different core strengths but they all have base levels of competence in certain key areas.  This book tells how I have tried to learn from the Best in very practical ways; not as an academic or an author but as a practitioner, as a doer, so that I can improve my chances of fulfilling my personal aims. I have a list of achievements that many would envy. Even though I am a novice in terms of achieving success. I have failed much in order to achieve my little. By delivering this formula I am aiming to improve my ability to succeed and help many others to get onto the road that leads to success. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step after all. The starting point for me was always to know that success precedes work only in a dictionary”

"The starting point for me was always to know that success only precedes work in the dictionary - that attitude is more important than ability"

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