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Success is created by a combination of attitudes and ability.

The basis of The Atelier Formula is that attitude is exponentially more important than ability.

The sum of 7 abilities multiplied to the power of 4 attitudes creates individual and team performance. That is the general ethos. 

The Atelier Formula guides individuals and teams how to use this structure to build better individuals and better teams in a practical way.

How can you be who you really want to be?

The most important thing of all is AMBITION. We all have differing aspirations. The Atelier Formula aims to give you a template that you can follow in order to achieve the things that are on your personal wish list. If you want to become the Prime Minister, then how do you have to plan and act in order to move towards that objective? Even despite the unmanageable unforeseeables.

What is Success?

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Success then is defined simply in the mind of the individual.

"I think no less of my phenomenal grandmother nor any more of Sir Alex Ferguson. Both have played a huge part in helping me to determine the formula that I believe in. Both have been hugely successful in very different ways. Both have enjoyed hugely fulfilling lives against their goals for themselves. Sir Alex wanted trophies. My grandmother wanted a big family. Neither is right or wrong. I judge neither for the quality of their ambition. Their version of success is personal"

That is what counts. You have to know who you want to be and you have to want to be it with a passion.

Does The Atelier Formula work?

The formula set down in this book does work. The Author can personally vouch for that. He is not just some academic author who preaches but does not practice. He has worked for many of the biggest corporate names in the UK. He has conceived, built and sold multi-million-pound businesses. He has built trophy and promotion winning football teams. He has coached players towards the Premier League and to international recognition. He has managed the first double winning football club in England. And he has done so by sticking to this formula; a common sense approach that he has learned from his own experiences and from the many successful people that he has encountered.

What are the 7 Action Zones of The Atelier Formula?

In The Author's experience, there are 7 component parts to a successful person, aside from that person’s potential.

The formula for success that he intends to show you, involves applying potential to each of these 7 areas, to demonstrate that your Best (B) is created through a working application of the formula.

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